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Why Spiritual and Soul Coaching ?


Soul coaching is a spiritual service

There is always a Spiritual solution to every barrier or challenge we may face in life.  Hi, I'm Lexi Gaia Verano.  When I became lost in my own belief system and was searching for answers, I was confused by a lot of the “rules”  that many churches and places of worship had. I kind of felt like I didn’t quite fit in anywhere. So, I began my own Spiritual journey. I began studying different religions trying to find my place and I learned that they all had a common thread: Love. It all began and ended with: Love. I learned that I wasn’t going to burn into fiery ash if I didn’t fit into a particular religion and I learned that there were other people out there just like me! People like me who wanted to feel that Love, who wanted to believe in something bigger than themselves, who wanted to do good in the world and didn’t want to feel alone in this big old world. They wanted to heal and grow and get in touch with that love. For me, I knew I still wanted to feel that unconditional love that I felt when I was connected to Source, to God, to the Divine, to the Universe and after years of training and coaching of my own, I discovered... that that “source” was love. I will never try to push or "convince" you of anything outside of your own belief system. I will never guilt or shame you for what you already believe in. I will only ever help you along your own journey and assist you in discovering your own Spiritual solutions. With Soul and Spiritual coaching you give me the honour in assisting you to become a more sacred and Spiritual you. Thank you and Namaste.


One of the many things we explore together is the benefits and the "how to's" of meditation. You will learn to ground, shield and open yourself up...to be able to release. Learn exactly how it can help you in your everyday life and what you may learn about  yourself.


Another deep yet fun topic is: What is the difference between prayer and meditation? Prayer is when we speak to the Divine and meditation is when the Divine speaks to us. 

Angels and Archangels

Who is my Guardian Angel? Who can I turn to when I need help or answers? How do I know that’s my angels speaking to me? These are some of the most asked questions when we delve into learning about your own Spirituality. We will discuss the difference between Angels and Archangels and how you too can benefit from healing with angels. 


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